About us

The Manufacturer
The UnderDreams line and its Trademark is owned and created by Bradcal, Inc. The entire line is manufactured in Korea from the top two manufacturers of luxury innerwear, BYC Co. and TryBrands, Inc. Only the highest quality of innerwear are manufactured from BYC Co. and TryBrands, Inc. Due to the extreme popularity of innerwear lines produced from these two manufacturers, our UnderDreams line naturally gains its quick popularity among the Asian communities.

Bradcal, Inc.
Bradcal, Inc. has been in the Wholesale Distribution / International Trading Industry since its incorporation in 1979. Bradcal, Inc. has been the exclusive United States distributor of Korean brand named innerwear since its start. Bradcal, Inc., a California Corporation, is a member of the Southern California Minority Business Development Council.
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The Creation and the Launch
It's been known for top quality innerwear to come from Asia. With innerwear being an important part of everyday wear, manufacturers in Asia have evolved the quality and comfortability of innerwear elements to near perfection. Through the launch of UnderDreams at the 2003 MAGIC show in Las Vegas, NV, an opportunity was given to bring that top quality innerwear line along with all its benefits to America and its culture.

Special Qualities
UnderDreams is made of 100% Combed Cotton manufactured in Korea. The line is known to absorb moisture longer and prevent sweat from bleeding to your outerwear. Very thin, light, and soft in material. The brand's flexibility and durability of its material supports physical activeness on all levels. One product lasts for many years. Machine wash and dryer safe.

UnderDreams provides extra layers of clothing for moisture absorption and also for warmth and protection. It allows professional appearance with comfort without the bulkiness and roughness of layered outerwear.

The Importance and Benefits of Quality Innerwear
Quality innerwear prevents rashes and irritation that is commonly caused from a combination of different knit and/or spun materials. With the increase of today's fashion being created with non-traditional materials, it is important that the skin is protected with quality innerwear to preserve its youthfulness. Making sure your skin is comfortable is the first step to the healthy you.

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